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Sous traitance metal
OEM Custom Metal Parts


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OEM Stamped Parts made of Steel, Stainless steel, brass and any other metal

OEM Stamped Parts made of Steel, Stainless steel, brass and any other metal


We manufacture OEM projects metal products and metal parts (We are an Original Equipment Manufacturer):   We take on all metal parts manufacturing projects (steel, stainless, special alloys, aluminum, cast-iron...), All surface treatments, hot-dipped galvanizing, zinc-coating, RAL painting... Small and large quantities are welcome.  CNC machining, precision production, cutting, milling, lathing, tooling, welding, assembly. Outsourcing.   Foreign production line set-up.   Working with sample approval, quality is guaranteed.  Conception and prototyping.
Superior quality, best prices.

Submit your ideas, we will find solutions.

  • All type of molds, dies and tools

  • Plastic injected parts

  • All kind of parts with decoration, plating, powder coating, painting

  • Die cast parts

  • Metal stamped parts and metal formed parts

  • Completely assembled products

  • 3D computer plans made from your 2D artwork

  • Almost any kind of OEM custom products

  • OEM custom sample and prototype making

Do not hesitate to contact us with your requirements.  Small and large orders are welcome.

We speak English and French


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Custom made metal parts - Precision metal parts
Pièces metalliques à façon - Sous traitance metal - Pièces Métalliques de precision

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